Idaherma Williams


Idaherma Williams


Idaherma holds an MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has her BFA degree from the University of the Arts. She also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her woodblock prints have been exhibited and won prozes in major national and international shows, including an exchange show to the Soviet Union and an international exhibition in Canada. Her work is exhibited nationwide in museums and galleries.

Ida herma prints all her editions without a press. This reflects her appreciation and respect for the true beauty of the woodcut. Each print represents an in-depth study of the complexity of color and line. "My work is my response to the beauty in the mundane. I try to capture ordinary experience and turn it into something extraordinary."



Circle in the Mist


In addition to her woodblock prints, Idaherma is known for her watercolors and paintings on silk. She has been featured in numerous one-woman shows as well as group shows. Her work is found in many public and private collections.

These images are of her new pigment prints. Size varies, as in this process she can make them small or large.


Ode to Hans Hoffman