Katy Lin


Katy Lin was born in Japan of Chinese parents while her father was doing his medical residency.   Currently she resides in Haddon Township, New Jersey. She was trained well in Chinese calligraphy at youth.  Ever since she was given a set of crayons and drawing pencils, she has had a desire to draw and paint.  She has studied art at the Columbus College of Arts and Design, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Ohio State University, and Capital University where she earned her BFA degree, while working at the University Library for more than thirty years.

Her medium is oil, acrylic, oil pastel and lately watercolor.  She said, “I find acrylic paint easy to use, adding layer after layer, making corrections with ease. I like oil paint for its richness, in spite of the fact that it takes a longer time to finish.  I like oil pastel for the instant gratification.  I like watercolor for its immediacy and transparency.”


Hopping, Watercolor, 18" x 24"

Movement, Watercolor, 18" x 24"


Teeming, Watercolor, 13" x 17"