Paula Himmelsbach Balano
1918 -1967


St. Stephen's church,
Broad and Butler Streets, Philadelphia.
The church no longer exists.


Recent inquiries about Paula Himmelsbach Balano by two of her great-grandnieces have contributed most of the material to this page. Karen Price and her cousin Sue Shultz met for the first time to research the work of their great-great aunt in the club's archives. The link to this site no longer works. This is unfortunate since there was a wealth of information about Paula Himmelsbach and her very influential family.

"The Phoenix"
Detail of Resurrection window in
The Acension of Our Lord church

5th & Westmoreland, Phila.


Karen Price wrote an article which appeared in the Spring 2000 edition of the Germantown Crier, which is published by the Germantown Historical Society. She has also assembled a large slide collection of Paula's stained glass windows. Digital copies of these will soon be included in the Plastic Club's archives. The images shown here are part of this collection.

Private collection





Several links to information and works by Paula Himmelsbach Balano have ceased to function, even though the appear in the Google searches. This is unfortunate, since this lady was an important influence to other women in the arts and in particular in th art of stained glass.