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Jerome Schwartz

"Wellfleet Impression", oil on panel, 12x12

Since 2002, when I started exhibiting, my work has appeared in juried exhibitions and members’ shows at the Plastic Club in Philadelphia, at the Philadelphia Sketch Club and the Newman Gallery. It has also been on view at galleries in Westchester, PA, Greenville, DE, and at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, where I have been spending most of my summers for the past quarter-century.

My work is now evolving away from close representation of reality towards greater suggestiveness and ambiguity. My Cape landscapes, insofar as the treatment of the subject is concerned, strive toward a primordial vision of the world, in which elements of nature and culture are indissolubly fused. In style and manner, I tend, almost instinctively, to paint the Cape as it might have looked to a Manet or a Cezanne.

My latest landscapes are now on view at the Munson Gallery in Chatham, Massachusetts.

"Boating Dreams",  18x 25, oil on birch panel

"Province Lands Dunes II", 16x20, oil on linen

"Trees and Fields in Wellfleet," 12x16, oil on birch panel